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Thinking of hiring Queen’s Wood Cafe for an evening party?

The intimate, enchanted woodland cafe setting makes an excellent setting for a birthday, anniversary, or other celebration.

We will work with you to create your ideal event for up to 60 people.

On the day, the staff will serve and take care of your guests, allowing you to

mingle and enjoy your party.


The venue can be hired from 6:30 pm but you must be vacated by midnight. 

If you like to reserve a specific area of the cafe we will set up and decorate the space while the cafe will remain open as usual.



We offer a range of menus to provide you with ideas and options to suit most tastes.

We are also happy to work with you to create other menus. 

You can also feel free to take your drinks and food and enjoy just the cafe atmosphere.



We can sell wines, beers prosecco, and champagne by the bottle and are happy to order specific wines that you like, including organic and fair trade wines. A wide selection of fruit juices including orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice, and still and sparking water is also available at the bar. we can also provide cocktails on request.


We normally decorate the path and the veranda and the main room with candles – if you would like to decorate with additional items, you are welcome to do so but we ask that you use materials that do not damage the surfaces – Please ask us for advice. You may come in an hour before your event to set up the decorations.


For special events, we are also happy to order flowers for the café. 



We have a wireless multiroom speaker system by Sonos. You can connect your phone via Bluetooth. Our license requires that all guests leave the woods by midnight. We therefore turn off the music 15 minutes before to give guests ample time to leave safely.

For further inquiries and booking, please contact us.

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