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We offer a range of party offers for kids parties and educational activities:


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1. Free Play

You can book tables outside or inside and use the free-play area, allowing your child and friends to explore the area and interact with each other in a safe and stimulating natural environment.


Feel free to decorate your area in your child's favourite colours and themes helping make the occasion extra special!


£150 (up to 20 children for 2 hours)

2. Hero Hosts

Unleash the adventure with our 'Hero Hosts' party package! Bring your child's favorite superheroes to life with our

top-notch Batman, Spider-Man, and Spider-Woman hosts. Watch their eyes light up as these iconic characters swoop into the celebration, delivering a thrilling experience filled with action-packed games, heroic stories, and unforgettable photo opportunities.

Our professional partner entertainers are trained to provide safe, engaging fun, capturing the essence of bravery and camaraderie that these superheroes embody.


Book a 'Hero Hosts' party and let your special one team up with the legends for a birthday celebration that's truly super!

£345 (up to 20 children for 2 hours)

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Party by


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3. Wood Crafts

Kids connect with the beauty of nature through creativity with our 'Wood Crafts' arts and crafts experience. Nestled in a serene environment, children connect with the Earth as they shape and decorate sustainably-sourced wood and materials. Guided by environmentally-conscious staff, young guests craft their own woodland wonders, from birdhouses to nature-inspired art. Safety and sustainability are at the heart of this immersive experience, as children use child-friendly tools and eco-friendly materials. The 'Wood Crafts' activity not only sparks creativity but instils a love and respect for the environment. Book today and let your child's imagination blossom amidst the tranquillity of nature!

£295 (up to to 10 children for 2 hours

£10.50 per additional child)

4. Eco-Friendly Planting

Set within our enchanting organic garden, children embark on a green adventure, exploring the joys of planting and nurturing their own little seedlings. Guided by our eco-conscious staff, each child pots a plant, learning about the soil, growth, and the environment along the way. Our potting station is fully equipped with child-friendly tools, and each guest takes home their potted treasure to watch it flourish. Celebrate your child's special day with an eco-friendly twist, and create lasting memories in our cafe! Book today!


£295 (up to 10 children for 2 hours

£10.50 per additional child)

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Optional Healthy Children’s Menu!

Choose one side and one main with a beverage to make a set menu for just £10.50 per child 

Carrots & cucumber with hummus 
Caprese skewers (cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil)
Sweet potato chips
Potato salad with mint


Penne pasta

with roasted courgette, peppers, tomato sauce, and parmesan cheese

Your choice of pizza slices

(Margherita; Quattro Formaggi; Halloumi and Chargrilled Peppers;

Salami and Onion; Sausage and Red Pepper)




Organic Apple and Orange Juice or your choice of Fizzy Drinks

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