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We are delighted to be able to welcome work from talented local artists to our woodland café space. We are available to host opening nights and to exhibit attractive visual art in our busy café. We have upwards of 15,000 visitors a year and have been told we are the best café on the 78-mile Capital Ring Walk! We are always looking for new artists who would like to exhibit their work in our cafe.

Art exhibition guidelines

Current Exhibition

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Mimi Zouch



Mimi Zouch, a contemporary abstract artist, is based in North-West London (B. Birmingham 1984). After a successful career in law, and founding her own events company for over 4 years until 2016, the call to create kept pulling her towards drawing and painting. Having completed a life drawing course at Kingston University in her mid-twenties, she continued to explore form and composition.
In 2020 Zouch made the leap into her career as an artist, and the following years served to accelerate Mimi’s self-taught practice through experimentation with the use of acrylics and earth pigments on various surfaces. Paper manipulation is prominent in her most recent collection of works, exploring the natural textures and surfaces that she encounters on her daily walk through the woods and her fascination with the intricate variation and beauty of mushrooms and tree bark.
Zouch is represented by Catharine Miller Gallery in Chelsea, London, Art & People - Claudia Kennaugh - in Bristol, and she’s an artist member of ArtCan. Her work has been exhibited in The Crypt Gallery,  America Square Conference Centre, The News Building, and Precious Postcards exhibition. She’s had work exhibited at The Decorative Art Fair in 2022 and 2023. Features include two online Houzz articles a
nd an online artists feature with Estila magazine.


From 6 Sept to 3 October daily 6-9 pm her solo show

'An Exchange of Energies'.

IG: @mimizouch_art






Laura Bodo Lajber



This exhibition celebrates Mother Nature and our relationship with her.


The Lady of The Forest is every woman, in touch with her feminine energy, feeling her inner Goddess, and radiating the light of Womanhood.


One with the Elements, Water, Fire, Air, Earth, listening to the message of our hearts - through Love, for Nature, for each other and ourselves, we grow in this world, and become a powerful force of beauty and goodness.


In every work I create, I put everything I have inside. I only draw when I feel an irresistible impulse to do so, an urge impossible to repress. My works are made of Fire.





Past Exhibitions

Karin Schosser 

With my Ceramic Wall Pieces I am interested in using the limitations of ceramics to create an original image.  By creating glazes I aim to develop a palette that is uniquely mine and push colour into my emotional presence.

In my drawings and paintings I am particularly interested in trying to depict manifestations of psychological states and to convey a psychological presence



Whose galleries are sunrise, whose opera the springs.jpg

Anna Arbiter

Anna Arbiter was born in London in 1988. She has a master’s degree in English Literature from Oxford University and is a self-taught painter. In 2019, she was awarded a Newman Young Artist Scholarship from the Essential School of Painting in London, where she completed a year-long mentorship with Turner Prize nominee David Mach, RA. Anna uses painting as a way of giving shape to experience when words feel irrelevant or impossible to find. She is interested in the idea of painting as a kind of handwriting, something unique to the artist, an inimitable expression of self. She is also a writer and is currently working on a book of essays about trauma and the creative process. 


Aurelie Monsaingeon

Instagram @lirelo


Scilla Alvarado

I have been a psychotherapist, a shamanic practitioner and a creator of mosaics living between London and Luxor, Egypt for over 23 years.  I am passionate about creating mosaics and healing work which share a similar process, bringing together broken pieces to create a wonderful more integrated whole. I love sharing these processes with others having set up mosaic projects here in London, Upper Clapton and in Luxor, in a village on the West Bank both offering workshops.  

There are two distinct styles to my work.  I love the discipline of geometry and symmetry of Islamic Patterns as well as creating more organic, intuitive, abstract work.  I am indebted to my wonderful teachers at The Prince's School of Traditional Arts (London), The Art of Islamic Pattern (London), The British Arabic Centre (London) and mosaic artists Natalie Vin, Arianna Putin, Emma Biggs, David Feuerstein and Rachel Davies.  My travels have provided inspiration, stimulation and an opportunity to collect various objects. 

This exhibition focuses on my more organic work but you can find the Islamic Pattern works on my Instagram account.

Instagram:     scillaalvaradomosaics


Mobile:         07727162253

Website:       www.scillaalvaradomosaics (being created)


I would be grateful for your comments in the book provided and contact details if you are interested in workshops.

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Instagram @stellayarrow2018

I am a local printmaker, inspired by the natural world. Many prints in this exhibition feature peregrine falcons, which successfully co-exist with humans in London. According to Indian traditions, falcons symbolise the inner eye. The falcon soars above the preoccupations of our world, sees the bigger picture and the turning of the ages, opens our inner space and allows our mind to take flight. I found this image heartening and liberating during this year’s restrictions. 

I used traditional methods of etching and cutting lino blocks to make the prints. My exhibition forms part of the Artists Walk, set up to help people discover local creatives.

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