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A summer cafe catch-up

Rosa, Leta and our new countertop.

2020 has certainly been a topsy-turvy year. We closed at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic but the wonderful Leta, Rosa and the other staff now reopened the cafe under temporary hours Monday to Wednesdays 10am-3pm. During that time we managed to get some much needed DIY done - varnishing the porch, windows and floors so we feel all fresh and new. Now we have the practical stuff out of the way, what else has happened? In the garden Over summer, the garden continued to bloom and grow, and there has been plenty of social distance volunteering going on to keep it in order. Our volunteers have said that being able to come in has been a lifeline. The garden is also open to you. It is available during opening hours so feel free to take your cafe food and drinks into the green sanctuary. Events Children's parties, albeit on a smaller scale are also available, Saturday meditation has reopened and slowly many other events will be rescheduled soon in accordance with government guidelines, so keep your eyes peeled. The QWC Team x

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